Friday, October 29, 2004

Glues don't stick

I've followed the instructions of this wall hook to hang a light clock, but after two days hanging, the clock and hook came crashing down.

The instructions for the hook even warned that it might damage the paint because of the strong bond the sticky strip will form with the wall surface. Haha!

The constant high humidity in Hawaii sure defeated that glue. These are some of the drawbacks when you live in Hawaii...

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Wednesdays at the beach

Every Wednesday I am spending the late morning and early afternoon at the beach with my family. It's a great way of refueling your batteries and getting away from the daily grind. Here is a little taste of what it looks like at "our" beach...

My job luckily allows me to get away in the middle of the week so that I don't need to compete with everyone else for a spot on the beach. Actually, it feels more like it's our own private beach, it's that deserted.

You would never guess, that we are only 20 minutes away from Honolulu where about 800,000 people live!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Aircraft Carrier USS John C. Stennis

It's the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier stationed in San Diego. It will change its homeport from San Diego, California to Bremerton, Washington in January 2005.

Aircraft carrier messes up wireless connection

There must be a Navy ship coming in or leaving Pearl Harbor because my wireless computer connection is VERY poor and gets constantly dropped. Let me step out on the lanai (Hawaiian for "balcony") to check it out...

Yep, a majestic aircraft carrier is docked at a pier in Pearl Harbor. Will hear on the news which one it is this time. The military has been holding the RIMPAC (sp?) exercises in the South Pacific this year with Hawaii as the main base so that during the last couple of months some pretty unusual ships have visited Pearl Harbor. A few Australian battle ships had a port calling, for example.

It seems that for about an hour before and after the arrival or departure of a major ship wirless computer communications take a major performance hit. Even the garage door opener needs like 20 clicks before the gate responds. It's as if a whole frequency spectrum gets either blocked or used up by the heavy communication that seems to be going on to coordinate the ships movements.

I wonder what all these powerful radio waves do to us people...?

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Keiki Club at Ben Franklin Stores

Just got back from a fun filled morning with my 3-year old son at a Ben Franklin store. Today's craft project was out of the ordinary. We spent an hour making greeting cards for terminally ill kids in hospitals. There were tons of stickers, rubber stamps, different color ink pads, whole punchers and decorative scissors.

Every Saturday morning from 10am - 12pm most Ben Franklin stores offer a Keiki Club ("keiki" is Hawaiian for kid/child) where every keiki receives a craft kit for FREE and an employee helps out with instructions.

We will see how long it will take to get all the green, blue, red ink washed off his hands. Definitely wear old clothes for these craft adventures. :)

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