Sunday, October 24, 2004

Aircraft carrier messes up wireless connection

There must be a Navy ship coming in or leaving Pearl Harbor because my wireless computer connection is VERY poor and gets constantly dropped. Let me step out on the lanai (Hawaiian for "balcony") to check it out...

Yep, a majestic aircraft carrier is docked at a pier in Pearl Harbor. Will hear on the news which one it is this time. The military has been holding the RIMPAC (sp?) exercises in the South Pacific this year with Hawaii as the main base so that during the last couple of months some pretty unusual ships have visited Pearl Harbor. A few Australian battle ships had a port calling, for example.

It seems that for about an hour before and after the arrival or departure of a major ship wirless computer communications take a major performance hit. Even the garage door opener needs like 20 clicks before the gate responds. It's as if a whole frequency spectrum gets either blocked or used up by the heavy communication that seems to be going on to coordinate the ships movements.

I wonder what all these powerful radio waves do to us people...?


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